Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

The aim of herein Confidentiality Policy; is to regulate the matters regarding the use of data given by the used during the use of Internet site being operated from address by ACSGlobal ENERGY S (“ACS”) or collected by ACS in other ways. Confidentiality Policy is the annex and integral part of Terms of Use.

ACS may disclose the communication and training information delivered to itself to employees, subcontractors and affiliated organizations which should know in the direction of purposes and scope determined by herein Confidentiality Policy, however, shall not disclose to other third part parties. Within this scope, ACS undertakes to keep personal information private and confidential and assume this a confidentiality provision.

The said personal data may be used both in order to contact with the user or improve the experience of users on the Site (improving the existing services, creating new services and offering private services, etc.) and to make various statistical evaluations, generate database and take place in market researches. ACS, on the condition of anonymizing, may use, process and communicate the personal information of users and non-personal information to its business partners regarding the transactions carried out by the user on the Site to use in evaluation of statistical data, performance assessments, marketing campaigns of ACS and its business partners, on annual report and similar reports for the time required to carry out these purposes.

Furthermore, ACS may share any kind of information of the users with third parties in case of following conditions.

If the related disclosure is obligatory in order for liabilities within the agreements signed with related user, notably the terms of use,

If information regarding the members is requested for the purpose of execution of a research or inquiry conducted duly in the direction of related legislation by competent authority and a legal organization,

If disclosure is required to protect the rights and provide the security of users.

ACS may acquire the information about users’ using the Site by using Cookie which is a technical communication file. The said technical communication files are small text files sent by a web site, member or user to the browser in order to be stored on main storage Technical communication file stores the status and prefer settings about a web site and facilitates the use of Internet in this regard. Technical communication file is designed to help generating advertisements and content dynamically from user pagers designed specifically for user and to acquire statistical information about how many people use the Site on temporal calculation, how many times and for which purposes a person visits the Site and how much left and is used for these purposes. Technical communication file is not designed to acquire any other personal information from main storage. Many browsers are designed to accept technical communication initially, however, the users may always change the browser settings to have warning as technical communication file is failed to come or technical communication file is sent if they wish.

ACS detects and uses IP addresses of the members when required in order to define problems related to the Site and fix the possible problems on the Site immediately. IP addresses may also be used to define members in general and collect comprehensive demographic information.

Providing link to other applications and platforms over the Site is possible and ACS has no liability regarding the confidentiality implementations and contents of these applications and platforms.

ACS may change herein Privacy Policy at any time on the condition of publishing on the Site. Privacy Policy provisions amended by ACS become effective on the date when they are published on the Site.



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